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Freeze-Drying Equipment

Here is a description of the equipment we use for these experiments.


Harvest Right Medium Freeze Dryer

We use an Harvest Right freeze-dryer. It has four trays and can process about 6-8 lbs. of food per load.

Oil Pump

We have an Harvest Right Premier Oil Pump. We went with the slightly more expensive oil pump because we run the machine in our house and this one is half as loud (50 decibles) as the regular one (60 decibles).


Silcone Mats

We sometimes use Harvest Right's mats on each stainless steel tray, but we also made our own silcone mats.

Equipment: Publications

Storage Equipment

We use this equipment for long-term storage.


7 mil Mylar Bags - 8 x 12 inches

We typically use Harvest Right 8 x 12 inch mylar bags that are at least 7 mil thickness. They typically come in packages of 50.

300cc Oxygen Absorbers

We use FreshUs 300cc Oxygen Absorbers. Although we could probably use smaller ones because we vacuum package food, we decided to err on the side of caution.

Impak PK-305H Impulse Sealer

We also use an Impak PK-305H Impulse Sealer. We use it at its highest setting and hold it for 12 seconds to make each seal on a mylar bag.

Impak Vacuum Sealer

We use an Impak KF108 Home Vacuum Sealer.

Equipment: Research
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